Kumbu Double Sided Card Game is a educational game with pictures on both sides. By playing, your memory and math skills will improve.  This game contains 4 game variants with different difficulties. It's fun for all ages. Kumbukumbu means memory in swahili.

General Game Rules

Card shuffling: Shuffle the cards and split them into 2 decks. Flip 1 deck and place it on top of the other one. Shuffle cards between games.

Card dealing: Deal the cards clockwise from underneath the deck. 1 card at a time, 5 cards in total for each player. The cards are being placed in a row in front of each player.

Open: If a game is played open, all the players may see the upper side of the cards. A player may look at both sides of his own cards.

Starting player: The youngest player may start, unless told otherwise. Playing direction: The games are played clockwise.

Kumbu Kadi

Preparation: Each player is dealt 5 cards. Leave the cards with the same face up as they were dealt. This game is played open.

Start: The player with the highest amount of points of his cards on the open side will start. When there are multiple players with the highest amount, then the oldest player will start. 

Round: Each player plays 1 card. The player who played the highest card wins all the cards. The value of a card is calculated by adding up both sides. When there are multiple highest cards, then of those cards the card with highest single-sided value will win. 

Gameplay: The winner of a round is the new starting player. After 5 rounds the game will end. 

End: Each player counts his cards. For each card won you get 1 point.  The player with the most points wins the game.

Kumbu Crazy Eights

Goal: Be the first to empty your hand. 

Preparation: Each player is dealt 5 cards. Flip the remaining cards and place them on the table, this is the draw pile. The top card of the draw pile is placed next to it, this is the discard pile. This game is played open.The first card on the table gives no penalty. 

Gameplay:- Play or draw a card: Place a card on the discard pile or draw a card from the draw pile. When you drawed a card, you may not play a card in that turn. Now it is the next player’s turn to play.

- When you have 1 card in your hand you call out “Kumbu!!”. If you forget to say this before the next card is played or drawn, you draw 4 cards. 

Connecting: Because Kumbu is a double sided card game, there is a special way to place a card on to the discard pile. This is called connecting. The card faced up on the draw pile has to be connected with the bottom side of the card played.

You may connect a card when:

- the bottom of the card played is the same as the faced up card from the discard pile.

- the bottom of the card played and the faced up card from the discard pile add up to 10.

- there is a 0 (Sun) on top of the discard pile or the card played has a 0 (Sun) on the bottom side that will connect with the discard pile.

You may use both sides of your own cards to connect to the discard pile.When playing a card, first show the bottom side (connecting side), then flip it and put it on the discard pile. The connecting sides have to face eachother. 

Special Cards: When a card is played and the side facing up is a 6, 7, 8 or 9 an extra rule apply.

6 (Flower): Take an extra turn.

7 (Lightning): The next player fills his/her hand to 5.

8 (Spider): The next player skips a turn.

9 (Elephant): Playing direction changes to the other side. 

General: When the draw pile runs out of cards, reshuffle the discard pile except the top card. Make a new draw pile of the shuffled cards.  

End: The first player with no cards left wins the game. The other players receive 1 penalty point for each card left in there hand. The winner will deal again and the player on his left side may start the new game.

Kumbu Zabuni

Goal: Be the last player left in the game. 

Preparation: Each player is dealt 5 cards. Leave the cards with the same face up as they were dealt. This game is played open. 

Turn: Each turn you do a (higher) bid of you challenge another player’s bid. 

Gameplay: Bid, challenge, deal cards. The player who lost the round receives 1 card less. The challenger deals the cards and starts with a new bid. When the challenger is out of the game, the next player starts. 

Bidding: When you do a bid you estimate how often 1 picture will occur. All cards on both sides of all the players are taken into account. You have to make a higher bid then your predecessor.  

A higher bid is:

- the same amount of pictures. The value of the pictuers has to be higher.

- a higher amount of pictures. The value of the pictures may be lower, the same or higher.

Challenging: Higher bids are made by each player until a player challenges the last bid. Check if there are at least as many pictures as the bid. Both sides of all the cards of all the players are checked. 

End: If you lose a card with only 2 cards left, you are out of the game. The last player with at least 2 cards left wins the game.

Kumbu Memo

Go to Kumbu Double Sided Memo for extensive game rules. There you will find more variants to memo.