Kumbu is a educational game with pictures on both sides. A fresh new way of playing memo! By playing, your memory and math skills will improve. This game contains 5 game variants with different difficulties. It's fun for all ages. Kumbukumbu means memory in swahili.

General Game Rules

Preparation: Shuffle the tiles and split them into 2 decks. Flip one deck and place it on top of the other one. Shuffle the tiles again. Put the tiles on the table with enough space between them. Decide which game play variant is used in the game. The youngest player may start the game.


Game play: Kumbu is played clockwise. When a player doesn’t find a set, then the next player’s turn starts. 


Flipping a tile: Point at the tile, name it and flip it over. Place the flipped tile diagonally, in this way you will know that it is flipped. End of turn: Put all the tiles straight at the end of the turn, but leave the tiles flipped. 


End of game: When there are less then 10 tiles in the game and for a whole round no player has found a set, then the game ends. The player with the most tiles wins.

Kumbu Classic

Flip 2 tiles. When both turned up pictures are the same, then pick up those tiles and put them in front of you. You have found a set. Repeat this until 2 turned up pictures are not the same.Put the tiles straight.The next player’s turn starts.

Kumbu Plus

The same rules as KUMBU Classic, but now the 2 turned up pictures/numbers have to add up to 9.Sets:0+9, 1+8, 2+7, 3+6, 4+5 are allowed. 9+0, 8+1 etc. are also sets.

Kumbu Growth

The same rules as KUMBU Classic and each time you found or expanded a set, you can choose to search for a new set or expand the current set.

Expand a set: Flip a tile. When the turned up picture is the same as the set you are expanding, then put the flipped tile in front of you. If it is not the same picture, then the next player’s turn starts.

Kumbu Trio

The same rules as KUMBU Classic, but now 3 of the same pictures have to be turned up.

Kumbu Chain

Flip a tile, the number turned up is the start of the chain. Flip another tile. The number turned up has to connect. Flip a third tile. The number turned up has to connect to the second number. When the second or third card does not connect, the next player’s turn starts. 

Valid chains: 1-2-3, 9-0-1, 0-9-8, 3-4-5, 6-5-4. 

Non valid chains: 2-3-1, 6-5-7, 2-3-2, 2-4-6, 1-3-9.

Make up your own variant

There are an unlimited possibilities of game variations with Kumbu Double Memo. Invent one of your own and get even more out of this game. Do you like to share your game variant with others? Send your own rules in to: The best and most fun variations will be put on the website. Your name will be put above the rules, so everybody knows you invented it.